33 Strings for the Soul was possible thanks to

some very special people:


A huge thank you to Denise Boczek for being my harp teacher. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.


Christ Lutheran Church in Marine in St. Croix: Thank you for all your support and giving me the opportunity to play the harp at services during the past six years. I am especially grateful that you let me record this album in the church’s sanctuary.


Thank you to Neil Johnson who directed the Almost Angels, the children’s choir that I sang in for over eight years and was the accompanist for one year. Your enthusiasm for music was inspiring. You provided the foundation and knowledge about how to perform in front of audiences.


I would like to thank H.E.R.O. and my piano teachers (Wendy Moyer and Kristi McNellis) for developing my love and knowledge of music. A sincere thanks goes to Jayne Wahlberg for overseeing H.E.R.O. so that I could have the chance to learn and experience eleven years of homeschool classes and lessons.


Many thanks to Christian Community Home where I have enjoyed playing the harp since December 2012. The most special times for me are at Christmas when I can hear the seniors singing the holiday songs. For some, this is the first time I’ve heard and seen them sing which shows me the power music has to unlock memories. 


Thank you to Northwoods Humane Society for letting me come and play for the animals. It has shown me that music can help more than just people; and can be especially calming and healing for animals who are stressed or elderly.


Mary Brown, I want to thank you for being a friend and grandma to me for the past five years; and for allowing me to play at your wedding. It truly was an honor.


I know for sure this CD would not be possible without the hard work of Philip Blackburn. Thank you so much for your guidance as well as recording and producing this CD. It means the world to me.


And, most of all, I want to thank my family. To my…

-          Mom for always being there, for driving me to all my performances, for being my teacher, and for showing me that I can do anything if I truly set my mind to it.

-          Dad for always being there to cheer me on and for putting up with me as I practiced into all hours of the night.

-          Sister, Olivia, for sticking with me through it all.